Our Services

Tax laws change often, and you need someone you can depend on to be informed of all changes as they occur. That is why Schoppe’s Tax Service, Inc. devotes so much time and energy towards attending ever tax seminar possible.

Some of our seminars we attend include:

    •  Texas Extension Education Foundation, Inc. Tax Practitioner Workshop
    •  Drake Tax School
    •  IRS Nationwide Tax Forum
    •  Nation Association of Tax Professionals Workshop
    •  Texas Sales Tax Seminar

We handle personal, corporate, trust and partnership returns. We take note of the special deadlines for farmers, and we understand the need to have returns completed quickly for anyone whose children are seeking financial aid for college.

Michael Schoppe is certified as an Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agents specialize in taxation. They are the only taxpayer representatives who receive their right to practice from the U.S. government, and with this right, Enrolled Agents are able to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service for audits, collections, and appeals.

Every return is given special attention, and we take pride in our work. When we prepare your return, you receive it back in its own special folder with a letter explaining your return and a comparison to previous years returns (if you are a returning client). Electronic filing is done for free for anyone whose return we prepare.

We refuse to file tax returns we know to be fraudulent. While we promise to do all our homework to make sure you get credit for everything you are to get credit for, we also will not hiding things that are damaging, nor will we create deductions where none exist.

We aim to get your work done as quickly as possible, but we will not forgo quality work in exchange for speed. Due to our small staff, most returns take at least a few days to process. However, some we are able to handle immediately.

Our charges are based on the amount of work each return requires. We do not offer rapid refund loans nor do we take our fees out of your refund. We do, however, promote direct deposit of your refund into your checking or savings account. We feel you should receive your full refund, not just a portion of it.

Contact us today or stop by our office to see what we can do to handle your income tax filing needs.